Bitcoin Motion Review 2022: Is it a Scam or Legit Platform?

The development of automated trading platforms such as Bitcoin Motion creates exciting new opportunities in the cryptocurrency world. Unlike before, when you need some trading knowledge to make money from bitcoin, auto traders have now made it possible for newbies with no trading experience to earn thousands of dollars daily from the crypto market. 

What is Bitcoin Motion? crypto trading robot

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Bitcoin Motion Review

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Our team of highly experienced crypto experts regularly reviews popular auto traders to help our readers make good choices from the myriad of options available in the market. Today, we’ll be sharing all we found after reviewing and getting a firsthand experience on Bitcoin Motion. This post will help you discover if this trending auto trader is a scam or legit.

In addition, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of Bitcoin Motion, including what it is, how it works, and the software’s unique features. What’s more, you will learn how to register on Bitcoin Motion and tips you can follow to maximise your earnings on the platform. Let’s get started by explaining what Bitcoin Motion is. 

What is Bitcoin Motion?

Bitcoin Motion crypto assets

Bitcoin Motion is a digital auto trading platform established to help investors, especially newbies, earn passive profit from the cryptocurrency market. This software aims to simplify cryptocurrency trading and make it more accessible to everyone. According to the developers, you don’t need any trading skills or experience to use Bitcoin Motion to trade crypto assets and generate profit. Instead, the trading robot is designed to do all the work for you, including analysing the market to spot profitable opportunities and executing trades.  

So as a Bitcoin Motion investor, you won’t be doing much on the platform since the trading software is 100% automated. All you need to earn thousands of dollars daily using this auto trader is to create an account with the company, deposit the minimum fund and activate the live trading function. Once done, the software starts trading on your behalf. The win rate of Bitcoin Motion is 85%, so you can expect eight out of every ten transactions it executes for you to be profitable. Are these claims legit? Continue reading this Bitcoin Motion Review 2022 to find out.


Bitcoin Motion Review – Is it legit or a scam?

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After a thorough review of Bitcoin Motion, we believe it is 100% legit. Our expert reviewers found out that thousands of people are already leveraging this auto trader to grow their wealth and achieve financial freedom. Bitcoin Motion is not a scam. It is a reputable cryptocurrency trading platform anyone can use to invest, trade, and earn thousands of dollars as passive income.

We started our review of the Bitcoin Motion app by researching what past and existing users have to say about the platform. We found thousands of users’ reviews on the web, some on independent and reputable review sites and others on social media. We were impressed with the company’s result as 90% of the reviews we found online were positive. In addition, thousands of users claim they have been using the software to make money since they found out about it. 

However, there were a few negative reviews about the Bitcoin Motion platform. Although the number of negative reviews is small and almost insignificant, we believe you should still know about it. Some of these users claim they couldn’t make money from the app because they don’t understand how it works. Also, very few users commented that they lost money on the app. Overall, the number of positive reviews (90%) about Bitcoin Motion far outweighs the negative review (10%). 

To confirm what we discovered, we took an extra step in our review by creating an account on the platform to get a firsthand experience. We visited the site, completed the registration form, deposited the minimum fund, and started trading. At the end of our first trading session, we made hundreds of dollars as profit. Based on this, we are confident that the software works, and you can make passive income by investing in the platform.  

How does Bitcoin Motion work?

The Bitcoin Motion robot trades bitcoin and other digital assets using artificial intelligence and the latest trading robots. The software scans the cryptocurrency market and analyses market trends using big data and mathematical algorithms. Once it identifies any profitable opportunity, its trading robots execute the transaction instantly. 

According to the information provided by the software’s developers,  the auto trader can scan millions of pieces of information in seconds and execute about ten transactions in a minute. Additionally, the software trades based on data only, so it eliminates the element of emotion trading, making it a reliable and accurate trader. No human trader, no matter how experienced or knowledgeable, can beat the speed, accuracy and results of Bitcoin Motion. 

How to register on Bitcoin Motion?

Are you looking for information on how to use the Bitcoin Motion trading software? You are in the right place. Here, we’ll give you the lowdown on how to start using this software to make money. This trading app is available in most countries, and the process of using it is the same. Follow the four steps below to get started on Bitcoin Motion right away:

Create an account on the Bitcoin Motion website

The first step is to register an account with the company. Visit the official website of Bitcoin Motion and click on the register now or join us button to kickstart the registration process. This action will take you to the sign-up page, where you are to input personal information like your name, email address, phone number, username and password. After that, confirm the details you provided and submit the form. 

Once done, the system will send you a prompt to verify your email address and other information you provided. After successful verification, you can log in to the auto trader anytime and from anywhere using your username and password. This registration process, including the verification of our account, took us less than three minutes. The registration interface is simple and intuitive, so you won’t have a hard time using it. 

Fund your account with the minimum deposit

The minimum amount you can start with on Bitcoin Motion is $250. You have to make this payment to your account before you can access the full features of the platform, including the demo account and live trader. This $250 is your trading capital; it is not a registration fee as the platform is 100% free for all users. 

There are several payment methods available on the website. You can deposit the minimum trading capital using your bank cards or electronic wallets like PayPal. You can also make payments using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. We strongly recommend starting with $250, the minimum amount, and increasing your trading capital as you get more familiar with the platform. 

Try demo trading

You will get access to the demo account feature of the software immediately after the company confirms your deposit. We advise using this demo feature to learn how the platforms work, especially if you have no trading experience. You should also use your demo account to learn how to set trading parameters because you will need this when you start using the live trader. 

In addition, the demo account gives you the perfect opportunity to master your trading strategy using virtual money, not your trading capital. The demo and live trader are relatively the same, but the only difference is that you trade with real money on the latter. Based on our experience using the demo feature, we believe you won’t have a hard time finding your way around it.

Begin live trading

Hit the go-live button as soon as you become comfortable using the software. All you need to do here is set trading parameters like trading capital, risk level, stop loss, take profit and more. If you use the demo trading account as advised above, you will be able to set the parameters with ease. Once done, click start trading, and the software will take over from there.

The system will start scanning the market, analysing charts, and executing profitable deals for you. The Bitcoin Motion software is 100% automated, so you won’t have to be monitoring the system at all times. You can get to your other daily activities while the software is making money for you. After the trading session, you can decide whether to withdraw your profits or continue trading with it to make more money. 


Bitcoin Motion Pros

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Bitcoin Motion has some unique features that stand it out from our auto trading platforms available on the internet. Familiarising yourself with each of these features and understanding how they can impact your investment will help you make the most out of this auto trader. Below are some of the important features of Bitcoin Motion you should know:

Easy to Use

One of the reasons why Bitcoin Motion is popular among cryptocurrency investors, especially beginners, is its user-friendly interface. We believe anyone who can operate a personal computer or use a smartphone will be able to use the platform. The website design is simple. We were able to navigate all its pages and explore its features without stress. It is also worth mentioning that the software is among the few auto trading platforms that are responsive on all devices. You can access your Bitcoin Motion account on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

High Win Rate

We confirmed the claim that the auto trader has an 85% win rate. It means at least eight out of every trade performed by the software will earn you profits. This high win rate is possible due to the platform’s use of artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and robotic technology. Based on our experience and the other users’ reviews we checked, we believe investors can earn profits daily and make thousands of dollars monthly using Bitcoin Motion. 

100% Automated

When using Bitcoin Motion, you don’t sell or buy bitcoin and other digital assets yourself. You also do not need to learn to study the market or analyse charts and trends. The software does all the work for you. So as stated earlier in this Bitcoin Motion review, anyone can use this trading platform to trade bitcoin and grow their wealth. Even if you have never performed a single cryptocurrency trade, you can still invest in crypto and earn steady passive income using this software. 

Unmatched Speed and Accuracy

Another unique feature of this auto trader is its ability to execute trading transactions at high speed and accuracy. Bitcoin Motion offers crypto cfd trading at unmatched success rates. Its algorithm can scan the market and analyse billions of information in a millisecond. This feature makes it possible for the software to execute multiple transactions within minutes and with precise accuracy. 

Instant Withdrawals

First, there is no limit to the amount you can withdraw from Bitcoin Motion. You can get all of your money, including your profits, out of the system whenever you like. Second, the software processes all withdrawals instantly. However, it may take minutes or hours for funds to show in your bank account, depending on the payment method you are using. When we requested a withdrawal of our trading capital and profit, we got the fund in our account the same day. 

Bitcoin Motion Fees

Unlike some other cryptocurrency auto traders that charge investors a fixed license fee yearly, Bitcoin Motion is 100% free. The company does not charge fees on registration, deposit, or withdrawals. They make money by charging a 2% commission on only the profitable trades their system executes for you. In other words, you don’t pay the company a dime if you don’t make a profit. 

Leverage Trading

Leverage trading involves using borrowed money to trade so you can make more money. Bitcoin Motion allows investors up to 1:5000 leverage. You can use this feature to boost your profit potential. However, please note that leverage trading is highly risky. You can lose all your trading capital at once if things don’t go as expected. We recommend learning leverage trading with the demo account before you use this strategy on the live trader. 

Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Motion does not limit its users to only Bitcoin. You can trade other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Binance Coin, Bitcoin Cash, and other popular coins. This means you can diversify your investment when you use Bitcoin Motion. 

Excellent Customer Service

Our list of Bitcoin Motion features won’t be complete without giving you a glimpse of what to expect if you ever run into problems when using this software. During our investigation of the platform, we contacted the customer service team multiple times to ask questions. We were satisfied with the quality of service we got from their representatives. Their team was professional and showed a willingness to help us resolve our issues. Overall, we believe the company has great customer service. 

100% Secure

Our list of the unique features of Bitcoin Motion won’t be complete without mentioning that the platform is 100% secured. The company has been helping investors trade bitcoin and earn passive income for a couple of years, and it has never recorded any security bridge. In addition, our experts confirmed the developers secured their website using the latest SSL security technology in the market. 


Tips to maximise your returns on Bitcoin Motion 

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Whenever we share our unbiased and independent review of crypto auto traders, we also share tips on how new investors can get the most out of the platform. Following the four tips below can help you maximise your return on Bitcoin Motion and reduce your risk.  

Always adhere to the golden rule

The golden rule in the crypto trading world is to always invest only an amount you can afford to lose. Never borrow money or use funds for other essentials like rent, food, water bill, or more to invest in cryptocurrencies, regardless of whether you want to trade manually or use an auto trader. Always keep in mind that the cryptocurrency market is very volatile, and there is a chance, though small, that you can lose your money even when using an auto trader. 

Start with the minimum trading capital

We always recommend that new investors start with the minimum deposit when trying out a new auto trader. Don’t give in to the temptation of starting big because you want to make more money. Like we said earlier, there is a chance that things might not go as expected. Starting with the minimum deposit will limit your risk if things go down south. However, you can invest more money as soon as you become more confident in the software. 

Don’t keep your profits on the auto trader

We recommend withdrawing your profits from Bitcoin Motion regularly. You can withdraw daily or weekly, depending on your trading capital. This tip will also reduce your risk and make your portfolio stay profitable even if the unexpected happens. 

Always follow experts’ advice

Don’t shy away from asking questions if you don’t understand anything about the platform. Contact Bitcoin Motion’s customer support team and ensure all your doubt questions are answered. Learning more about cryptocurrencies will also improve your trading experience and help you maximise the value of your investment. We recommend reading crypto blogs and watching YouTube videos to keep yourself updated with the trends in the cryptocurrency space. 



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