Bitcoin Motion is one of the few automated trading platforms that have a demo account feature investors can use to learn to trade before they start using their money. The demo account has the same interface and features as the live trader. It also features trading parameters like take profit, stop loss, and more. Bitcoin Motion’s demo works exactly like its live trader, so it is the perfect way to get acquainted with the system. 

Do I trade with real money on the demo account?

Bitcoin Motion Demo Account

No, you trade with virtual money. The system provides investors with virtual funds they can use to master their trading strategies. The demo account also comes with a guide you can use to learn how each of its features works. We recommend mastering how to set the trading parameters using this demo account. 

The best way to learn using the demo account is by trading with it multiple times. After each trade, adjust the trading parameters and activate the trader again to see the result. This way, you will be able to maximise your investment value when you start trading with real money. 

How do I activate Bitcoin Motion’s demo account?

The demo account feature will be automatically activated after you complete the registration process and deposit your trading capital. Please, note that the minimum trading capital on the platform is $250. So this is the minimum amount you must deposit to activate all the auto trader features, including the demo account and live trader. 

Can I earn real money using the demo account?

Since you are trading with virtual funds provided by the system, you can’t earn real money using Bitcoin Motion’s demo account. In other words, you can’t withdraw the profits you make via the demo account. You need to use the live trader to start making real money on the platform. 

What are the advantages of using the demo account?

Using the demo account has several advantages, especially for beginners who are completely new to cryptocurrency trading. First, it allows you to acquaint yourself with all the important features of the software. Second, you can learn to trade using virtual money. This way, you are not risking your hard-earned money while figuring out how the system works. 

Third, using the auto trader can give you a glimpse of how much profit you can earn using your chosen trading strategy. Finally, the demo account is accessible to you at all times. You can go back to it anytime, even after you have started using the live trader.