Hundreds of thousands of people are leveraging Bitcoin Motion to earn some extra money on the side. Depending on your trading capital, the trading platform can help you generate hundreds to thousands of dollars daily as profit. The good thing about this trading app is that it is 100% automated. So you don’t have to be an active trader to make money using this auto trader. 

You can invest in Bitcoin Motion and make money daily while still keeping your current job. In other words, you can make passive income with this software regardless of whether you are a business owner or employee. One question we always get about Bitcoin Motion is, do I pay taxes on the profits I earn on Bitcoin Motion?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. Whether you will pay taxes or not depends on where you live and the laws in your local area. While some countries require you to declare the income made through cryptocurrency investment and pay required taxes, others do not.

Furthermore, your local laws will help you determine how much of your profits you will have to pay as tax. We recommend talking to a tax professional in your area to find out your tax burden.

What happens if I don’t declare the profit made through Bitcoin Motion?

Crypto and taxes

Paying the taxman as at when due is always better than having to deal with tax penalties and fines. However, failing to declare your profit to evade tax payment is an illegal activity. So we always advise our readers to declare any profit they make on the Bitcoin Motion platform. What will happen if the taxman discovers that you have been evading tax depends on your local tax law. However, in most cases, the consequences of tax avoidance are greater than the potential tax advantage you get by not declaring your profit. 

How often can I withdraw my profits on Bitcoin Motion?

You can withdraw your profits and trading capital anytime. Bitcoin Motion has no restriction on the amount you can withdraw or when you can withdraw. Also, withdrawal requests on the platform are processed instantly. You can expect to get the exact amount you withdraw from the platform in your bank account in a few hours. 

We recommend withdrawing your profits on the platform regularly. If you are a big investor in Bitcoin Motion, you should cash out your profits daily. However, if you are trading with minimum capital, you can withdraw your funds weekly. This way, you will be maximising your investment on the platform.